Introducing ScaleBlaster™
The Green alternative to water softeners & chemicals!

ScaleBlaster is the worldwide leader in solving hard water problems and limescale formation without chemicals or salt. With 16 years experience, ScaleBlaster offers the most effective, economical and maintenance-free system available today.

ScaleBlaster offers twenty models to handle any application from residential homes to major power plants.

Customers include multiple Chinese power plants; all the Cirque du Soleil locations worldwide; Dow Chemical and the many Mexico geothermal plants. There are about 700 dealers and distributors in over 70 countries. Some of the largest plumbing supply chains in the USA offer ScaleBlaster products to tens of thousands of plumbers.

Scaleblaster is the chemical and maintenance free alternative water softener.Imagine a maintenance-free system that requires no salt or chemicals. A system that will take care of your hard water problems, without the need for hazardous chemicals or water softening equipment. Water softeners add unwanted sodium to the water and take away healthy nutrients, like calcium and magnesium. They discharge brines that pollute our precious environment. ScaleBlaster™ neither adds or removes minerals and is environmentally friendly -- unlike any other product you've every seen.

What is Scale?

That hard water feeling. . . Soap that won't lather well . . . bad hair days . . . unsightly limescale deposits on faucets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures... mold & mildew on shower curtains...shortage of hot water...decreased water pressure...bad tasting water...water heater breaking down again.

Scale and mineral build-up in pipes.
Scale build-up in pipes

Sound familiar? Chances are you live in a hard water area. Unless you have invested in an expensive and maintenance-prone water softener, you have taken your water for granted.

What is ScaleBlaster™?

Clean and Efficient

Water softeners, using salt, discharge brines that can pollute the environment. For this reason they have been banned in parts of the U.S. ScaleBlaster™ is eco-friendly, UL-listed and validated by EPA approved laboratories and major universities. ScaleBlaster™ eliminates 'limescale' - mineral deposits that clog and corrode water pipes, water heaters, dishwashers, faucets, drains and showerheads. It also puts an end to soap scum and staining of sinks, bathtubs, shower doors and commodes.

ScaleBlaster eliminates limescale mineral deposits that clog and corrode water pipes and fittings etc.

ScaleBlaster™ increases the efficiency of water heaters-lowering energy bills. Amazingly, it extends the life of water pipes and appliances, makes it easier to clean and shine all surfaces, reduces soap and detergent use by up to 25%, not to mention it gives a softer feel to the skin, hair and clothing.

How ScaleBlaster Works - Video Animation

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No maintenance or chemicals required

A great feature about ScaleBlaster™ is that no maintenance or chemicals are required. No trips to the store for large bags of salt. ScaleBlaster™ operates automatically 24/7, using less energy than a nightlight! Installation is simple with no special tools or plumbing work required! The unit comes with a full 5-year warranty and has an expected 20-25 year lifespan. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back! Tens of thousands of units have been sold since 1995 and it was recently featured on HGTV.

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