Scaleblaster™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I install the unit?
A. Install the unit on the incoming water supply line going to the house or building, and always before the water heater. You want to make sure all your pipes are cleaned out of limescale deposits.
Q. How big is the unit and how much does it cost to operate?
A. Designed with state-of-the-art microchip technology, the unit is very compact, 8'' x 5''x 3'', and will use about as much electricity as a nightlight.
Q. How difficult is it to install ScaleBlaster™?
A. In most circumstances, the homeowner can install it himself, and can be done in less than thirty minutes. No special tools or plumbing work is required. You are not cutting into the pipe at all. For slab built homes, you will need to locate the incoming pipe as it enters the house. Installation can be done outside as the unit is in a weatherproof enclosure. If this is not possible, locate the area inside, before the water heater. Contact Clearwater or your dealer if you are installing the unit yourself and need technical help.
Q. Will ScaleBlaster™ work on all types of pipe?
A. There are two different types of ScaleBlaster™ models. The SB-50 and SB-125 residential models will work on PVC or copper pipe. In older homes, where there is steel or galvanized pipe, the SBR-800 is the required model. If your house has both types of pipe, we are only concerned with where the signal cable is wrapped.
Q. What kind of benefits can I expect from ScaleBlaster™?
A. Almost immediately you will feel the difference on your hair and skin while taking a shower. It will feel softer and silkier and rinse off easier. You will notice more soap suds, the bathtub scum will stop forming; existing scale will begin softening or wiping off easier. Scale on showerheads and faucets will begin to soften. In a couple of months, water pressure will increase if your pipes were full of scale and the hot water heater will be more efficient. All appliances that come in contact with water will work more efficiently. Water will taste better, and there will be a less breeding ground for bacteria.
Q. How long will it take for my limescale deposits to go away?
A. This can depend on many factors. The amount of water going through the pipes is a major one. The more people living in the house using water, the faster the pipes will de-scale. The hardness of the water is a big factor, as well as how old the house is. It could be a week or as long as three months.
Q. Will there be any maintenance with the ScaleBlaster™?
A. There is no maintenance at all. No salt to carry around. No batteries or filters to change. No moving parts. You may want to occasionally check to see if the two LED lights are on in case of a power surge. Otherwise, we do suggest you drain and clean out the bottom of your hot water tank after a couple of months of installing the ScaleBlaster™ to remove all the scale that had accumulated.
Q. I have a water softener. Do I still need ScaleBlaster™?
A. This depends on several factors. If you enjoy the extra soapsuds produced by the water softener, then definitely keep it. The ScaleBlaster™ will create extra suds, but not nearly as much as a water softener. If you live in an area that is banning water softeners, then you have found the number one alternative. If the cost and maintenance on a water softener is bothering you, then again, this is your number one alternative. If a doctor has put you on a salt restricted diet, again ScaleBlaster™ is the answer.
Q. My friend says he tried a unit similar to yours and it did not work. Any ideas?
A. There are similar products to ScaleBlaster™ on the market that claim to do the job, but don't. Years of product research went into the design of ScaleBlaster™. Our product utilizes frequencies far wider and with more energy levels than any other competitor. ScaleBlaster™ is the number 1 selling "electronic descaler" in the world today because they work. "Word of Mouth" is your best advertiser.
Q. Before I buy, what kind a guarantees can I get from ScaleBlaster™?
A. The unit comes with a full 120-day money-back guarantee, and has a full 10-year warranty. ScaleBlaster™ has a 20+year lifespan and is UL, CUL, and CE listed. Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc. has been in business 18 years, and has been selling ScaleBlaster™ since 1995 without a single complaint filed to the BBB. We have an audited 99.1% success rate of satisfied customers.